Kiss my ass! Rochdale’s Britain’s Got Talent grandmother Kelly Fox defends controversial audition song

Exclusive by Mark Shales

Rochdale’s Britain’s Got Talent star Kelly Fox has spoken out in defence of her controversial song, Kiss My Ass, after her rousing performance on the ITV talent show raised a few eyebrows.

A Bolton headmistress had previously criticised the show for allowing the song to be aired before the watershed, as part of a wider attack on television bosses last weekend.

But 71-year-old Kelly, real name Sandra Broadbent, insists all reactions have since been positive to her performance in the Cardiff round of auditions. 

“It was just one teacher’s comment in a general attack on television,” she told MM. “My mother-in-law is an ex-headmistress, my daughter is a teacher and neither have any problems with my song.

“I have also been contacted by the headmaster of a local school asking for signed photographs for his 10-year-old pupils.

“I have not had a single negative comment while being out and about, only parents wanting to photograph me with their children.

“I feel that teachers’ emphasis should be on educating pupils as there are schools out there sending out pupils who cannot read or write.”

Amanda Hulme, head of Claypool Primary School, Horiwch, lambasted television chiefs at the annual conference of National Association of Head Teachers.

“The producers of Britain’s Got Talent obviously think it’s okay,” she said. “They made a conscious decision to air that performance before the watershed.

“The pace of modern life is fast enough, and there’s plenty of time to be an adult. I don’t want our children to stop being children too soon.”

Kelly picked up four yeses for her rendition, which aired on May 11, with Simon Cowell calling her an ‘inspiration’.

Listing now-deceased American Blues singers Etta James and Koko Taylor among her influences she is no stranger to the spotlight, having appeared in the 2012 ITV documentary series The Talent Show Story.

And with a slot on this year’s Royal Variety Performance on offer the feisty grandmother admits there was no apprehension about appearing on the show.

“I could not wait to get on stage,” she added. “There were certainly no nerves at all about singing in front of Simon Cowell – I have children older than him.

“The reaction was tremendous, 3000 people all singing along and standing to applaud – the judges’ comments were great too.

“I have always enjoyed singing, ever since I was a four-year-old. My father, grandfather and sister were all singers, and it’s far easier than being a stand-up comic

“I’ve done a few televised talent contests before like New Faces and then after a dog won last year I thought ‘why not?’

“The people of Rochdale are cheering me on and are very supportive saying ‘it’s great for something good to come out of Rochdale’ – I’m recognised everywhere I go now.”

Image courtesy of ITV via YouTube, with thanks

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