Look sharp-ei! Dogs Trust Manchester celebrate 600th dog to be re-homed

Dogs Trust Manchester is celebrating the re-homing of its 600th dog, only six months after opening its doors.

A three-year-old shar-pei named Ronnie holds the honour after being adopted by Leone and Alan McDermott.

They couple revealed that Ronnie was exactly the companion they were looking for after finding him on their website.

“We watched his video, read all about him and came to see him as soon as we could,” Mrs McDermott said. 

“He’s so lovely. He has a great temperament and understands commands such as sit and loves to play.

“He’s our perfect companion. We are so excited to be taking him home.”

THE ONE RONNIE: This beautiful boy was Dogs Trust Denton’s 600th pup to find his forever home

The Dogs Trust centre in Denton opened on October 23 last year and has seen overwhelming support from the local community.

Dawn Bishop, the manager for Dogs Trust Manchester, explained she was ‘delighted’ at the amount of dogs that had been re-homed.

“Since opening we’ve welcomed more than 13,000 visitors to the centre – sometimes there are queues outside before we open,” she said.

“We have been overwhelmed with the support we’ve received and are delighted that 600 dogs have found their ideal homes.”

Since opening last year, the centre has seen approximately 4.200kg of dog food eaten, 1,500 packets of treats enjoyed and over 48,000 dog poops scooped up.

Dogs Trust take in a wide variety of dogs of all breeds and sizes, as the UK’s largest dog welfare charity.

If you are considering re-homing a dog, you can visit Dogs Trust Manchester on Parkway, Denton, Manchester, M34 3SG.

You can also browse dogs currently homed at the centre by clicking here

Images courtesy of Lovatt Photography, with thanks​

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