Behind the Byline journalism podcast: Pitching and Freelancing

The Coronavirus pandemic has put a lot of journalists into a uncertain position, and pushed many to take on freelance work to keep afloat.

But for young and inexperienced journalists, the world of pitching and freelancing presents its own unique challenges and rewards. 

Freelance journalists Rachael Davies and Hannah Van-de-Peer join the ‘Behind the Byline’ podcast to discuss their experiences in the world of pitching articles.

They discuss how they learned to come to grips with the industry, share mistakes they made early in their careers and how they handle pitch rejections from editors.

Consideration is also given to the benefits and downsides of freelancing, compared to a staff’s writer job with a publication.

Both Davies and Van-de-Peer share what advice they would give to young journalists who want to get into freelance journalism. 

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