How some fun and games could liven up your Manchester night out

There is no shortage of things to do on a night or day out in the centre of Manchester.

However, whether you’re a regular visitor, a student or someone who has lived here for years, it can be easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to planning your bar route or other activities.

We all have our routines and favourite haunts, but there is no denying that sometimes it is great to think outside of the box – and this is undoubtedly where a bit of gaming can come in.

A couple of classics

Having a meal or drinks with friends is great for a catch-up, but it is fair to say you can inject a bit of fun and excitement into proceedings by looking into the game-related activities that can be found in Manchester these days.

Of course, an obvious place to start, if you want to bring some fun and games to an evening, is the casino.

Manchester235 is an ideal choice if you’re seeking a bit of casino glamour, with the site offering a host of different games as well as promotions and its own rewards scheme for regular visitors.

Such loyalty initiatives have become a big part of casino gaming in recent years and not just in the offline world.

An online example of the concept can be found with Mr Green’s Club Royale service, which is a VIP initiative designed to offer exclusive and once-in-a-lifetime rewards to its members.

Besides faster withdrawals and a personal account manager, VIP clients also enjoy exclusive events featuring, for instance, The Rolling Stones or Ed Sheeran.

Another tried and tested classic for bringing some fun and games to a night out is, of course, ten-pin bowling.

Dog Bowl and All Star Lanes can be found in Manchester city centre and are a great option for providing some competition as you meet up with family or friends.

Something new

But while you may have sampled casinos and bowling before, how about trying something completely different?

This could well come in the form of a bar like NQ64, which is located on Short Street. Described as an underground drinking den, the bar features a host of retro arcade games and titles on a range of classic consoles.

If you and your mates used to spend hours at each others’ houses, huddled around a PlayStation or Nintendo 64, this could well be a great place to start your evening out.

Another way to get things kicked off a little differently could be to visit an escape room. These fun-filled and mind-bending activities are popping up across the UK at the moment and are great for groups who like a mental challenge.

Manchester is home to several, including Escape Hunt, which features an official Doctor Who challenge called Worlds Collide.

Top-class entertainment

Manchester’s city centre has changed massively over the years, but through that time, it has always been home to some top-class entertainment.

As all of the above-mentioned possibilities show, the city now boasts some first-class gaming options, from casinos to arcade games and much more.

Whether you’re looking to earn some bragging rights at the start of a night out or want to team up with friends for a workout of the brain, Manchester will undoubtedly have you covered.

Image courtesy of Pixabay, with thanks.

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