The Great Walk Together Manchester: Hundreds remember murdered MP Jo Cox

Over one hundred people got together yesterday to take part in one of the five Greater Manchester Walking Festival tours from GM Moving.

In coordination with We Stand Together and The Jo Cox Foundation, The Great Walk Together set off from Manchester, Trafford, Salford, Stockport and Oldham to go for a walk up to seven miles and meet at Manchester Art Gallery for Tea.

Mary Curran, a rambler, praised the walk, saying one of her favourite parts was “discovering the little parks and green areas that you can walk through that maybe I’ve seen from the tram.”

The historical part of the walks were led by volunteers from The Ramblers and Sustrans, a charity that encourages people to walk and cycle.

The Walking Festival continues until May 31 and The Great Get Together takes place from June 21-23 to mark Jo’s 45th birthday.

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