Dear Little Planet: Sale Moor schoolkids stamp out harmful travel choices with postcards

Sale schoolkids have won a competition designed to get children from across Manchester teaching others about the impact of travel on our environment.

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) launched the Little Planet Cup competition earlier this year to help kids learn more about their own travel choices.

Pupils were asked to send postcards to family and friends who they felt could improve their carbon footprint, by changing the way they travel. 

The year six class of Sale Moor’s St Anne’s Primary School scooped the prize, handing in 100 completed postcards, beating 25 other schools to the number one title.

Councillor Andrew Fender said: “The competition has proved really positive – a light-hearted way to encourage families to move around in a more environmentally friendly way.”

The Little Planet Cup builds on a module taught in schools across Greater Manchester, covering the impact of greenhouse gas emissions from vehicle transport.

Children evaluated the emissions created by a variety of transport methods using the Little Planet website, and encouraged others to do more to help the planet.

Then after gathering all the evidence, the kids typed their results into TfGM’s new carbon emissions calculator, to monitor pollution.

Head teacher Jane Brahney said: “The Little Planet Cup and mobile app are fantastic sources of information for the children.

“We are delighted to be the winning school and the children really enjoyed taking part in learning how they can contribute to saving the environment.”

TFGM, who are responsible for Greater Manchester’s transport fund, hopes to encourage safer, easier and more environmentally friendly ways to travel.

They hope that pupils such as those at St Ann’s will spread the word of eco-travel, and encourage friends and family to help the environment.

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