It only takes a minute: Disabled Rochdale girl appeals to Take That star Gary Barlow to produce charity song

Exclusive by David Keane

A budding Manchester song-writer who suffers from muscular dystrophy has appealed to Take That frontman Gary Barlow to help produce her own charity hit.

Hina Saeed, 19, reached out to Barlow over twitter to help produce the song to raise money for UNICEF and The Muscular Dystrophy Campaign.

Even though she suffers from a genetic condition that slowly causes her muscles to weaken, Hina still cares deeply about the welfare of others and is determined to write a song for charity.

Hina told MM: “The reason I’d like Gary Barlow to help is because he is an amazing artist/musician and I thought he would help produce the music to my song.

“He also does a lot of charity work and seems like a nice guy too.”

Hina’s condition means that she has to overcome all sorts of obstacles every day but she remains determined to complete the charity hit – with the help from one of her idols.

“I thought I’d set myself a challenge for 2014 and I wanted to do something that would actually help people and make a difference,” she told MM.

“Something I could say to myself, I did that, and be proud of myself.”

Barlow has raised in excess of £6million for charities throughout his career and still continues to support more than nine worthy causes.

In 2009 the X-Factor judge helped organise a sponsored climb of Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money for Comic Relief and has featured in countless charity hits including ‘Everybody hurts’.

Hina has encountered difficulties throughout her life and has used some of this negativity to channel into something positive.

She said: “I need help with the majority of things such as eating, getting dressed and things like that. I can’t move my arms and legs very well and I can’t walk so I have to use an electric wheel chair.

“I often use music to escape the world, when I am sad I turn to music,” she told MM.

“Some of the negativity in my life inspired me to write this song but I turned it into a positive so people can interpret the lyrics into something personal to them.

“My lyrics speak more than my mouth ever could. In my life so I write things down as a way to vent my feelings and put them into songs.”

The budding musician lists her musical influences include Nina Nesbitt, Boyce Avenue and Ebony Day who have all inspired her to write the lyrics for her charity track.

Hina hopes that she can use her song-writing talents to help others suffering from the same problems as herself.

She told MM: “I thought it would be nice to raise money to help find treatments and cures as well as improve the lives of everyone affected too.”

“I chose these two particular charities because Muscular Dystrophy is my disability and the campaign to find cures and treatment doesn’t get that much funding.

“I also want to raise money for UNICEF to help under-privileged kids get the same quality of an education as all children should.

“I would really love to get my song to Gary Barlow and raise as much money as possible.”

Image courtesy of vagueonthehow, with thanks.

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