Tech Manchester Wellness Festival: Industry attempts to curb entrepreneur mental health concerns at FOUR times the national average

Fifty-eight percent of entrepreneurs report mental health issues leading Tech Manchester and UKFast to address these alarming rates through a free festival.

The survey conducted by the Great British Entrepreneur Awards puts mental health issues amongst business people at four times the national average.

The Mental Health Foundation currently states that 14.7% of all workers experience mental health issues alongside figures that suggest businesses could save up to £8billion nationwide with better workplace mental health support.

In response to this, the not-for-profit organisation Tech Manchester will host their Wellness Festival on Monday the May 13 at the UKFast Campus in Hulme marking the start of Mental Health Awareness Week 2019 and attempting to resolve the issue.

The day of free workshops will focus on physical and personal wellness by teaching attendees yoga, meditation, mindfulness and practical approaches to self-care such as creative writing and understanding nutrition.

The festival also aims to support businesses in ensuring they are armed to adequately look after the wellbeing of employees through business toolkits and technological solutions.

Tech Manchester’s Director Patricia Keating stated: “Businesses are crying out for affordable help and guidance on how to create a culture supporting mental health.

“There are many well-documented local accounts from businesspeople who have shared their wellbeing struggles.”

By giving workers and business owners an opportunity to develop their mental health awareness and technical knowledge, it is hoped rates of incidence can be reduced.

People can register to attend the event for free via Eventbrite.


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