Gen Z turn their backs on the booze new data shows

The popularity of alcohol among the younger generation is at a major low, according to data from a YouGov study carried out ahead of Alcohol Awareness Week 2024.

Alcohol Change UK, the alcohol charity which runs the event annually, recently conducted research into the general public’s views on alcohol and its effects by surveying 2,146 adults across the UK.

The results show that, of the 225 respondents aged 18-24, 57% thought alcohol plays a ‘mainly negative role in society’, 33% responded ‘equally positive and negative’, just 3% responded ‘mainly positive’, and 7% weren’t sure :

Mark Leyshon, senior research and policy manager for Alcohol Change UK, told Mancunian Matters: “These findings clearly show that younger people are thinking of alcohol in a negative light, which marks an interesting cultural shift.”

Alcohol Awareness Week runs each year for 7 days, working with local communities to raise awareness about the dangers of alcohol consumption.

Every year, thousands of organisations across the UK including hospitals, workplaces, doctor surgeries and charities sign up to take part in the initiative.

Commenting on the significance of the week, he said: “It is an opportunity for us to reflect and think about what our drinking means and the impact it has on us, our families and our communities.

“It is also an opportunity to campaign for change around alcohol-related issues. In anticipation of the upcoming election, we are planning to call upon the government to introduce measures which protect young people from potentially damaging alcohol advertising, amongst other things.”

On the importance of this year’s chosen theme – namely ‘Understanding Alcohol Harm’ – he explained: “Alcohol forms a backdrop to our lives. We celebrate, we mourn, we socialise over alcohol. However, we don’t always pay attention to the lesser known harms that can result from our alcohol consumption. Things like mental health issues, low energy levels and liver disease. This year we are hoping to shine a light on these aspects.”

Alcohol Awareness Week 2024 will run from 1-7 July. For further information or to get involved visit

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