Calling all drum kit kings! Cancer charity need 1001 drummers to smash Guinness World Record

A brain tumour charity is hoping to smash a Guinness World Record in Manchester this November – by enlisting the help of 1001 drummers.

drumBEAT 2014 intends to break the previous record, set in 2012, of 798 drummers, and claim the title of largest full drum kit ensemble, while aiming to raise £100,000.

The event, originally planned for Manchester Central but now being hosted at Event City on November 21, is dedicated to a number of brain tumour victims and has been handed backing by a host of celebrities.

“My wife Kate was fortunate to have amazing care from very dedicated staff, who devote themselves to helping patients and their families,” said Craig Fenney, owner of The Music Shipping Company.

“Kate would have been amazed that so many people thought so much of her. When you’re alive, you don’t realise how much people care about you.

“The support for this event will be enormous, it’s so close to everybody’s heart.”

The event is dedicated to Kate aswell as the wife of the Guitar Guitar founder Eleri McBay and the drummer from Manchester band The Charlatans Jon Brookes, who all passed away after brain tumours.

It is in association with The Music Show, Natal Drums and the Music Shipping Company,

Celebrity participants include drummers from rock bands Slade, The Cure, Jamiroquai, 10cc and Glen Hansard, as well drum kit kings Craig Blundell and Robin Guy and comedian Al Murray.

Funds raised from the record-breaking attempt will go to the Brain Tumour Charity, hoping to generate the £250 which funds one full day of research – if each participant raises that amount, a full research programme will be funded for a year.

Brain tumours are the biggest cancer killers for under-40s and the money raised will fund research and raise awareness of symptoms to promote early diagnosis in a bid to beat it.

 “Most doctors or GPs will only have seen one or two brain tumours in their career, and sometimes the diagnosis comes later, when the GPs have given up all other options,” said Craig.

“It’s very difficult for GPs to pick up early, which again is something the Brain Tumour Charity wants to try and help.”

With extra funds from the event, Craig is hoping that doctors will be better prepared to catch the warning signs of the cancerous tumours in more people.

“We need far more funding to help early diagnosis and treatment. This event will be a hugely enjoyable day for everyone who takes part and will raise a great deal of money and awareness.”

It’s estimated that the record attempt will take place between 7.30pm and 8.30pm and eligible drummers must be able to play a 4/4, four-bar beat consisting of three bars of a bass drum, snare and hi hat beat aswell as a one-bar fill.

Drummers must also provide their own kit, as well as a carpet or drum mat to set up on and, of course, the all-important sticks.

An area of 1.75metre by 1.75metre will be provided for each drummer to squeeze into the hall, so any budding Dave Grohls looking to take part will have to ensure their kit does not exceed that limit.

Kits must contain a bass drum and pedal, snare drum and stand, one rack and floor tom, crash cymbal and stand, hi hats, and stool.

And Craig insists that when all the drummers pick up their sticks it will make for an unforgettable experience.

 “The feeling of playing with a multitude of other drummers all at the same time will be awesome, so the event itself will be fantastic,” he said.

“And on the back of that you’re raising money for a very worthwhile cause.”

Registration costs £20, and includes one free spectator pass, and a goody bag containing a commemorative Aquarian snare head and Hearos ear plugs.

Additional spectator passes are £5, and must be purchased in advance. Drummers must set up a sponsorship page on BT My Donate.

There will be a prize for the participant who raises the most money and those who raise over £100 will be entered into the draw.

The winner will win prizes donated by companies from the music industry.

For more information, visit the drumBEAT website.

Images courtesy of Jorge Gonzalez with thanks

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