Stockport woman calls on Zimbabwe government to give orphans their gifts

A distraught Stockport woman is asking the public for help so that orphaned children of Zimbabwe receive gifts being withheld by the government.

Beth Clarke, from Manchester, who set up #AHEART4MCR campaign following the arena attack in May 2017, has been told that unless a license is provided for the TWO shopping bags in which they were sent she will be fined 9,000 dollars or the goods will be destroyed.

“After the arena attack we received 27,000 handmade hearts from all over the world which we displayed in the city centre.

“We repeated this for both anniversaries and this May we received handmade hearts from orphaned children who live in a home in Zimbabwe.”

Heartened by the fact that these kids, who have nothing, still thought of Manchester, Beth said she wanted to return the favour and send some gifts as a thank you.

The little gift became a lot bigger than she originally thought due to the generous Mancunian spirit.

“I thought it would be nice to send them a little gift. So, through our group, I managed to do a little fundraising and took some very generous gift donations off our members.

“The government will not release these parcels to the children because they are being held for tax duty which we agreed to pay that a few weeks ago but they are still being held as they want proof everything is brand new.”

Unable to bear the thought of giving up she stressed: “Please let’s get these goods to those poor kids.”

Image courtesy of Beth Clarke via Facebook, with thanks.

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