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Will Manchester ever get a super casino?

Gambling is popular in the UK. From sports betting to online casino websites, residents enjoy a variety of entertainment options.

But why haven’t land-based casinos taken off as well?

America boasts Las Vegas and Atlantic City, yet the UK doesn’t have an equivalent.

This leaves many UK gamblers wondering when they’ll eventually receive a super casino.

For now, it looks like punters will have to enjoy online alternatives, so make the most of the best mobile casino bonuses researched by to stay ahead of the game.

In the mid-2000s, the UK nearly realised a super casino project.

Though these potential super casinos were scrapped, the project painted a picture of a possible future for UK gamblers.

Let’s investigate what happened and whether Manchester will ever receive a super casino.

What happened to the Manchester casino project?

Do you remember the 2005 Gambling Act and the super casino projects that came with it?

During the 2000s, the Labour government approved the concept of “destination casinos” across the UK.

Like Las Vegas, the UK gambling industry was set to create a series of super casinos – complete with hotels, leisure and shopping services.

These planned facilities weren’t just for gamblers but were also to be tourist hot spots.

Eight large casinos were to be dotted around the UK, but due to pushback from religious and social groups, the projects had to be reduced from “supersize” to “large” casinos.

Though there was a size reduction, each casino was still envisaged to take up some 1,000 square meters.

One of the planned casinos was set to be in Manchester, near the local stadium.

For some locals, this was a good thing as the large casino would bring 3,500 jobs and give a significant boost to local investment and tourism.

However, by January 2007, the Gambling Order that started the project was rejected by the House of Lords, and Gordon Brown stepped into power.

Unlike the previous Labour government, Brown wasn’t as sympathetic to the gambling industry and the project got shut down.

Does the UK need a super casino?

After all this fuss amounted to nothing, you might be wondering if the UK actually needs a super casino?

Alongside a place for residents to enjoy premium gambling entertainment, casinos can offer communities a range of benefits too.

Large casino projects provide employment opportunities for residents, and they boost local tourism, creating further employment and income in hospitality and other leisure positions.

A super casino could give local areas a general economic boost.

Thanks to more jobs, the local residents could benefit from a higher cash flow and property prices around the venue could rise.

However, opposition groups argue that super casinos don’t benefit local communities.

For example, the social and religious groups that opposed the UK casino projects were against the moral implications of casinos.

Some also argue that casinos would cause a rise in anti-social behaviour, leaving residents to deal with unruly tourists.

Is a UK super casino likely?

Currently, the UK’s largest casino is the Aspers Casino in the Westfield shopping centre, Stratford.

However, this is hardly a super casino, as it lacks the resort feel.

Can we expect a super casino project in the UK anytime soon?

It doesn’t seem like anything is in the pipeline right now, so those wishing for a super casino in Manchester will need to be patient.

These projects take years to formulate and can be met with harsh opposition.

While casinos have popped up in Milton Keynes, Birmingham and London, it looks like a Manchester super casino has been postponed until future notice.

Final thoughts

Online casinos, sports betting and mobile apps are thriving in the UK.

You can also find bookies in most local high streets, proving gambling’s popularity throughout the UK.

Perhaps we’ll see new plans for a super casino in the next decade; only time will tell.

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