‘Killing two birds with one stone’: Liam Phillips on BMX carnivals at Rio 2016 and Colombia World Champs

Rio 2016 hopeful Liam Phillips talks hitting the track hard in South America, avoiding injuries and bringing on the next generation of British BMX stars.

I have been busy working hard in training so far in 2016 but I have got two pretty exciting trips to Colombia and Rio coming up, and they are both a chance to kill two birds with one stone.

I am going to Colombia in a little under two weeks now for a training camp ahead of the World Championships, and from there we head off to Rio to test the Olympic track.

This marks the start of a busy period for me because when I get back from Rio it is then only three weeks until the World Cup in Manchester, and then it is three weeks until the World Cup in Holland and then another three weeks before the World Championships in Colombia.

So it will be short and sharp but it is something I am really looking forward to.

The chance to go to Colombia and Rio gives us two benefits really. One, being able to get to spend time on the track for the World Championships will be good for familiarity ahead of the competition itself. And it is the same for Rio and the Olympics.

But secondly, all our training we do in Manchester is indoor so to get out with the elements and experience riding outdoors is crucial too.

Don’t get me wrong, Manchester is an amazing venue and we are lucky to have such a great training facility.

But it is important to get experience of training outdoors too because the big competitions are outdoors and that brings its own trials and tribulations.

These camps also allow me a chance to help the younger guys in the British squad too, which is a part of it I really enjoy.

We’ve got some really good youngsters coming through and if you go right down to 14 or 15 year olds then there are some really great kids there, while there are some promising men and women juniors too.

Any experience and knowledge I can pass down I am happy to do it. It is something that comes naturally to me and obviously I want them to do well because ultimately it helps the sport in this country, so I am happy to help.

But the main thing I love doing is racing, going up against the best in the world at World Cups and World Championships.

One thing I am learning now that I am 26 though is how important injury prevention is. When you are younger, in a sport like BMX you can feel like you are invincible.

But while I train in the same way and I am doing things that I was four or five years ago, I am spending more time looking at rehab and injury prevention.

It is crucial I keep my body going for as long as I can and anything that can help with that then I am going to give it a go.

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Image courtesy of Antoine Couasnon via YouTube, with thanks.

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