‘Best. Feeling. EVER!’ World squash champion Nick Matthew praises Manchester crowd during Twitter Q&A

By Arandeep Singh Dhillon

Manchester is known for its crowds, but not at a squash match.

Until now that is.

World squash champion Nick Matthew says the Manchester crowd in Sunday’s final was the best he has experienced in his three world final victories.

During an hour-long Q&A session on Twitter, MM asked the Yorkshireman what was his favourite one of the three.

He replied: “The most recent, especially with it being at home with the crowd, and all of my friends and family there.”

Matthew’s other world final wins came in Rotterdam and Saudi Arabia’s Sunset Beach Resort.

The 33-year-old timed his latest win perfectly, just after the release of his autobiography.

Though he has high-profile autobiographies like Sir Alex Ferguson’s and David Beckham’s  to compete with, Matthew was in cheerful mood on Wednesday.

In reply to another question, the squash champion said being the world champion is pretty hard to beat.

“Best feeling in the world! EVER!”

Matthew believes the reason for releases at this time is purely due to Christmas with sales in mind.

The three times world champion also claimed he would have been a sports journalist if his squash career had not planned out.

Image courtesy of PDHSports via YouTube, with thanks.

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