Being a good player is not enough for Man Utd says Solskjaer… Norwegian seeks ‘good people’

As the transfer window looms, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has gone on record saying that being a top-flight player is not enough of an accolade if they want to make a move to Manchester United.

He is looking for something more before he makes a choice, as he begins a comprehensive rejigging of the team before the pre-season tour gets underway, reports.

Despite the fact the team managed to recover well from an appalling start to the season after sacking one manager and bringing in an ex-player as their new head honcho, United still lacked some of the flair and finesse we used to see in their heady days of glory when they seemed untouchable at the top.

They managed a respectable sixth-place finish which is outside of the magic top four places, and it was 32 points behind the retained title holders Manchester City.

It comes as no surprise that Ole wants more, and he is now looking for the best players, and they could be anywhere, in any team and as he explains it is more than just skill that will be needed to see him reaching for the company cheque book.

Speaking in an interview with the official club app he said: “You have to have a certain kind of attitude about you to make you a Manchester United player.

“You have got to have the qualities, and our fans want to see exciting players. Of course, we want to get up from our seats.

“We want to see defenders who defend like they’re doing it for their lives, that’s the most important thing. We’ve tried to educate our players and our kids to be proper people.

“In my view, the best players have always been the best people. It’s always been in our culture. You have to have that work ethic, and we’re scouting the market, trying to find the right ones.”

When he first took the reins in the new year, the team were able to win an impressive 14 of their 19 matches, which was enough to persuade bosses to remove the ‘caretaker’ element of his contract and make him a permanent fixture.

Things did slip in the last couple of months, but he has urged fans to hang in there while he works things out.

“I’m excited by the whole project. I know it’s a great responsibility being in charge of this great club. It’s a big responsibility, but the only thing I can promise is I will do it to the best of my ability.

“Keep supporting the team as you’ve always done. Keep believing that when we come back, we’ll give everything to get back to where we belong.

“Next season, we’ll start afresh, and I can’t wait to get it going.”

He will undoubtedly have an idea or two about who he hopes to snare for his team, and many people will be watching the transfer window dealings once things get underway.

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