Premier League kit sponsorship: You can bet your shirt on it

Contrary to popular belief football shirt sponsorship in the Premier League has never been so well off.

Last season’s Premier League clubs raked in a staggering £300 million between them with Manchester United leading the table thanks to a thumping £71million Chevrolet paid out to have their name upon the iconic shirt.

Manchester City (Etihad) are not so hot on their heels with £45 million and Chelsea £40 million are third. Real Madrid in comparison are rumoured to have earned £70 million.

The list of sponsors includes companies from the auto, airline, finance and gambling industries. Of the twenty sponsors involved with the Premier League UK and Chinese companies have four deals each.

The United States and the Philippines have two deals each. Two sponsors are Malta based. There are also sponsors from Thailand and Kenya. Although half the sponsorship deals are with gambling firms there are no gambling firms in the top six.

Even so, don’t be fooled as the trend seems to leaning more and more towards the gambling firms.

The value of shirt deal has trebled in the last ten years, and thanks to the recent evolution of media technology and the growing popularity of sports betting it seems a safe bet to say the gambling firms are now a big part of the future of sports sponsorship.

It’s not only the shirt deals hitting the big time. Clubs are also making huge amounts from sleeve patch deals. Manchester City are rumoured to earn around £20 million from a sleeve patch deal with American brand giants Kholer.

It’s true to say there is an ongoing revolution in the way we view sport and the changes are plain to see not only on the field but in our own homes.

It’s so convenient to have games at our fingertips like phone bill mobile casino sites where games can be paid for using either our monthly phone bill or our pay-as-you-go account all from the comfort of your own home while simultaneously watching two Premier League giants battle it out on the Monday night match.

In fact, using a phone has become the preferred method for many people to buy a variety of goods and services which is understandable as many are still concerned about identity fraud or theft of personal details – using a phone means that there is no need to give the site any banking details which is a big plus. 

Today, it’s online gambling that is paving the way for a bigger better sports experience and the UK is at the cutting edge.

We take all this for granted but it’s all down to the influx of money into sport not only from the established big-name sponsors but also from the new breed.

Not everyone will agree but the facts are hard to ignore – that the Premier League is the best league in the world. It boasts the majority of top international players from all over the world and financially the future looks secure.

Image courtesy of Chevrolet FC via Twitter, with thanks.

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