Salford Red Devils owner Marwan Koukash’s ‘Golden Ticket’ idea spurned at Super League summit

Marwan Koukash’s ‘golden ticket’ idea has been rejected at a meeting of representatives from the 14 Super League franchises today.

The Salford Red Devils owner announced via his twitter account that Super League clubs voted against his idea at the meeting at Hull’s KC stadium.

“Super League clubs voted against the introduction of marquee players. It is very frustrating but i will not give up on the idea” he wrote.

Koukash is a proponent of the idea to make one high-profile player from each club exempt from the salary cap.

The 58-year-old also wanted to take it a step further by allowing franchises to sell on their ‘golden ticket’ if they do not wish to sign a marquee player.

Salford coach Brian Noble was in full support to the proposal, which has been seen as a way to stop the flow of players from rugby league to rugby union or the NRL.

“I think it is a brilliant way to get money into the game,” said the former Great Britain coach.

“For clubs that don’t have the affluence to go out and get their own marquee player, to offer it to someone else, surely it’s a mechanism for spreading money around in the game.

“What a brilliant way to compensate them.”

Noble has first-hand experience of the impact signing a marquee player can have on a club from when he brought Welsh winger Gareth Thomas to the Crusaders in 2010.

“The game needs superstars,” he said. “In the year Gareth Thomas signed the copy went through the roof.

“We have trouble getting national coverage and, unless we do things outside the box, some innovative things without breaking the bank of the game – there needs to be a bit of sobriety around finances – then do it.

“If someone wants to spend money on getting some stars in the game, them I’m all for it.”

Picture courtesy of Super League TV via YouTube, with thanks

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