Escaping Ukraine: fleeing from danger into the unknown

More than six million people have fled Ukraine since Russia invaded on February 24. Many travelled to neighbouring countries in Eastern Europe, where they are stuck in limbo between an old life and a new one. They are safe, but uncertainty still paralyses their every day.

As Ukraine’s humanitarian crisis grows at an unprecedented rate, countries across the world have stepped up aid efforts. Many in Manchester have looked for ways to help, but the UK has struggled to launch its support programmes.

By contrast, in Hungary, Ukrainian Tatyana Vamos launched the Lexis Foundation for Ukrainian Refugees in Budapest.

Correspondent Vanda Mayer travelled to Lexis’ centre in Budapest to speak to three of the women who escaped the war, and are now volunteering to provide food, supplies and a community to other refugees.

They are the faces behind the headlines. This is their story.

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