Updated: Sunday, 27th May 2018 @ 7:37am

Love is in the air… or hidden in the wardrobe: Five places Mancunians are storing their gifts before Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air… or hidden in the wardrobe: Five places Mancunians are storing their gifts before Valentine’s Day

| By Edward Roberts

There is now less than one week to wait until Valentine’s Day.

So if you haven’t already bought your partner a card and present – what are you waiting for?

In anticipation of the romantic day, Royal Mail has conducted a survey to see where people are storing the goodies for their better half on the run up to February 14.

With so many options to choose from, it turns out that the vast majority of lovers rely on the same spot year after year in Manchester.

So what are the favourite hiding spaces for Mancunians? Here are the top five as compiled by Royal Mail…

The wardrobe

FAVOURITE: It's many people's go-to hiding space

The wardrobe topped the poll all around the country for both men and women alike.

However, it could be time to mix it up a little since the survey found that around 28% of people have previously stumbled upon their gift in this ‘secret’ spot.

Under the bed

CLASSIC: The old ones are the best

People have long relied on the space under their bed to store things away. So if it’s not broke, why fix it?

This seems to be the general mentality when it comes to presents since the research discovered that around 20% of adults get their partner the same gift every Valentine’s Day.

The garage

TUCKED AWAY: It's a great spot for those fortunate enough to have one

A garage is a luxury that few people have in the city centre.

So it looks like those living in suburbia might have helped this spot rank so highly on the poll.

The spare room

OUT OF SIGHT: Now you can use the room to your advantage

Finally a way to get some use out of the spare room! Well, for men anyway.

According to the survey, 47% of men plan on buying a present for their significant other this year.

Meanwhile, only 39% of women have the same intentions.

The loft

ABOVE AND BEYOND: For those who want to put in a little extra effort

For those who can be bothered to go up there, the loft pretty much guarantees the present won’t be discovered before February 14.

Unfortunately though, 10% of adults will have an inkling about what their partner will by buying them thanks to targeted advertising on the internet.

Images courtesy of Andy Sauder, Azzer Cronin and JustyCinMD, via Flickr, with thanks.