Updated: Friday, 22nd May 2020 @ 2:15pm

Care for a ride? Revolutionary taxi firm Uber launches app bookings in Manchester – with FREE rides all week

Care for a ride? Revolutionary taxi firm Uber launches app bookings in Manchester – with FREE rides all week

| By Tim Hyde

Manchester taxi users will now be able to enjoy ‘safer journeys and quicker bookings’ by using an app to book their private hire trips – and they are offering all journeys FREE until Sunday.

California-based Uber allows customers to order the private service via app as well as track the cabs whereabouts.

The company is powered by smart-phones as users are able to swiftly book a taxi at the touch of a button and the initiative has already proved a huge success in London and across the globe.

Uber have revolutionary plans to revitalise the image of private hire firms and plan to send customers a photo and the name of their driver.

Max Lines, the Manchester General Manager of Uber, told MM: “Manchester is the second UK city for Uber to take on after London and already we have high hopes because the app has been downloaded one of the fastest in Europe.

“The free weekend is about ensuring people can experience this new service, which we think is a fantastic product.”

The Manchester scheme officially launched on Wednesday night and the app has been already been downloaded thousands of times.

“We wanted to make an app that was as simple as possible as well as being safe and reliable,” added Mr Lines.

“If you log onto the app, which is really easy to use, you can instantly see how far away a car is and then just hit request, it is as easy as that.

“In terms of safety, which is one of the key elements for Uber, is that you get the details of the driver, a picture and their number plate so people can be assured that they are getting into the right cab.”

The firm have acquired a licence to operate a fleet of licenced private hire drivers who will be selected depending on their proximity to the customer.

The idea of smart phone bookings has already used by a number of Manchester taxi firms but Uber is the first app-based service of its kind.

The private company had been testing the service five weeks prior to the launch in order to ensure everything ran as smoothly as possible.

“We had a soft launch about five weeks ago,” Max said. “That went amazingly well and people have got onto the app and ran with it.

“What is surprising that we have such a wide range of customers from really tech savvy people who are our usual starting market to students with their smartphones, who are finding the service helpful.

“At Uber we think we are about 30%-40% cheaper than a black cab fare and but our main focus is providing a service that is of really good value.”

Uber originated in San Francisco and is now available in more than 100 countries across the world.

The company launched in London just prior to the 2012 Olympics and usage has skyrocketed in the capital.

Uber even decided to differentiate their service and provide Uber-lux which is a premium service where passengers are supplied with complimentary sweets and other gifts.

To find out more you can go to www.uber.com/manchester

Or Download the app here: www.uber.com/go  or search Uber in iTunes or Play Store

Twitter: @Uber_MCR