Updated: Tuesday, 7th July 2020 @ 8:18am

Sank you very much! Sankeys club to give unclaimed coats to Manchester's homeless

Sank you very much! Sankeys club to give unclaimed coats to Manchester's homeless

| By Jack Howson

A Manchester superclub has warned revellers who may have left behind coats and jackets to retrieve them before they are given to the homeless.

Sankeys have announced they will be giving all unclaimed lost property away to Barnabus, a local homeless charity, with those on the streets set to pick up some designer goods next week.

Clubbers have until 5pm on Monday December 15 to claim any lost items, after which they will be passed on to those sleeping rough in Manchester this Christmas.

James Turner, General Manager at Sankeys, told MM: “End of the day, we're not doing this for the publicity - we've just got a load of coats here and they need to go. What's better than giving someone who's not got much this Christmas something warm to wear?”

However, James said this is not a new idea and revealed the club has been handing over unclaimed coats to the British Heart Foundation for several years.

“While I was at the Christmas Markets, I just noticed the number of homeless people and thought it’s a better idea to give them to people who need them around this time.

“We’ve always had a load of coats left behind. People getting too drunk, forgetting, or thinking they’re not worth collecting.”

The Ancoats club is expecting to pass on about 30 of the uncollected coats to the homeless on Wednesday next week and manager James says some of the jackets aren't too shabby.

“They're not shoddy brands,” revealed James. “There's going to be some stylish people out on the streets.”

Sankeys has chosen Manchester homeless charity Barnabus as their partner this year after finding out about the Bloom Street organisation’s work.

The charity boasts a city centre drop-in for those sleeping rough, support workers, volunteer NHS workers and a collaborative allotment project.

Carol Price, Development Manager at Barnabus said: “At this time of year, as we run up to Christmas the men and women we support become acutely aware of their own circumstances, in deep contrast to the passing shoppers and party goers in our city.

“Sankeys’ generous donation of coats will have a real impact on the men and women we support. It not only shows that someone cares but over winter, a warm coat can literally be a lifesaver to someone on the streets and make a huge difference to their wellbeing.”

Sankeys manager James added: “We get that many coats left with us, it's something that I don't want to do just once.

“It's quite amazing really – when we said on Twitter what we were going to do, I didn't realise it would cause this much news. The response we've had from it has been really nice.”

James said that most of the people who have left jackets at the Ancoats club are quite happy for their clothes to be passed on to those in need.

“Obviously there are some people who are really keen to get their coat back, and we'll endeavour to get it back to them, but it's almost been in a way a kick up the ass to get them to pick up their coat – or it would be lying there forever.”

As Sankeys celebrates its 20th anniversary, we asked what have been the strangest things they’ve found in their two decades of putting on the iconic club nights.

“We get quite a few high heels,” said James, “but I can't ever work out how that happens – and usually it's just one, never the pair.”

Anyone who wishes to claim lost property is advised to email Joe at Sankeys urgently to arrange collection before 5pm on Monday December 15.