Updated: Saturday, 20th October 2018 @ 4:55pm

Northern Quarter escape room becomes unlikely celebrity hangout after welcoming famous players

Northern Quarter escape room becomes unlikely celebrity hangout after welcoming famous players

| By Edward Roberts

Manchester has a new celebrity hangout – and it’s not where people would expect.

For years the city centre’s only spots for star-gazing have been upmarket restaurants like San Carlo and swanky bars like Neighbourhood.

But now more and more famous faces are switching it up by heading to an escape room based in the Northern Quarter.

Lucardo – which is billed as the hardest breakout game in the country – has been attracting a who’s who of the glitterati over the past few months.

Former Miss Great Britain and I’m a Celebrity contestant Amy Willerton recently joined the list of star-studded players.

MUSICIANS: The LaFontaines attempted the hour-long puzzle

The beauty queen took part along with her friends and family - including boyfriend Daniel Day, sister Erin, mum Sarah, and dad Bruce.

Amy joins a whole host of other celebrity-led teams who have walked through the door since Lucardo opened in 2016.

So far musicians such as Andy Fowler from RoadTrip and the band The LaFontaines have tried their hand at the 60-minute games.

SOAP LIFE: Jessica Ellis felt the pressure of the time

In January, Hollyoaks actress Jessica – who plays Tegan Lomax on the soap – also took a stab at the breakout room, but sadly couldn’t beat the clock.

Luckily, the footballers who have taken part have proven that they are capable of tasting victory both on and off the pitch.

Last month former Manchester United midfielder Morgan Schneiderlin visited with his fiancée Camille Sold, while Liverpool full-back James Milner has also been through the doors.

RoadTrip: Andy Fowler has been seen at the celeb hotspot

Lucardo features five live action game rooms.

'Gem Runner' sees teams tasked with pulling off a bank heist, while 'The Dream' requires gamers to find winning lottery numbers.

'Espionage' asks contestants to travel back in time to 1938 and work to recover stolen documents from an enemy bunker, while 'Virginia House' requires the skills of a detective to hunt a crazed serial killer who is on the loose.

For those seeking an extra challenge, 'Contamination' has been rated as 80 per cent difficulty and asks gamers to find a missing vial containing a deadly strain of poison.