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Theatre review: Dance ‘Til Dawn @ Opera House, Manchester

Theatre review: Dance ‘Til Dawn @ Opera House, Manchester

| By Helen Jakes and Kate Brady

Strictly Come Dancing duo, Flavia Cacace and Vincent Simone, ‘keep dancing’ as they returned to Manchester’s Opera House with their latest scintillating stage production, Dance ’Til Dawn.

The return of the popular dancing duo last night did not disappoint theatre or Strictly fans alike.

Filled with stunning dance numbers against the backdrop of the Golden Age of Hollywood, Dance ‘Til Dawn has a much more West End feel in comparison to the pair’s previous show, Midnight Tango.

Dance ‘Til Dawn tells the story of Hollywood leading lady Sadie Strauss (Flavia) whose fiancé, Bobby Burns, is caught on camera playing away with gangster’s moll Lana (Abbie Osmon).

Enter rising star Tony Deluca (Vincent) to sweep Sadie off her feet amidst drama and scandal but will their new found romance survive when Tony is accused of murder?

The show is straight into the laughs with born narrator Teddy Kempner as P.I. Tommy Dubrowski.

The comic timing keeps pace with the fast-moving dance spectacle with a variety of catchphrases and ironic asides.

As soon as the dancing starts, you’re hooked.

The beautiful choreography is exquisitely executed not only by the sequin-studded heroes but by the enchanting ensemble. 

Not a step was out of a place and choreographer Karen Bruce’s extensive variety of dance styles showcases the performers’ intricate footwork and breathtaking lifts.

Anyone coming to Dance ‘Til Dawn off the back of Strictly Come Dancing or their previous stage production, Midnight Tango, will know that Vincent & Flavia make a flawless team. 

Flavia is perfectly at home amidst the glitz and sparkle of the Golden Age of Hollywood, which is perfectly captured in Morgan Large’s slick-changing sets and the 1920s style of costume designer Vicky Gill.

It’s easy to see why Vincent and Flavia’s long-term dance partnership is world-famous – their obvious chemistry on the dancefloor frequently negates any need for a spotlight. 

No scene highlights this better than the pair’s tango finale, during which the former World Argentine Tango champions ooze sophistication and sex appeal.

The beautifully choreographed dances are enhanced by the show’s musical score and singing talent including Hollywood greats Minnie the Mooch and Moon River, as well as some perfectly placed anachronistic numbers from Paolo Nutini, Caro Emerald and Adele.

When the stage does not belong to Vincent and Flavia it is in safe hands with Abbie Osmon, perfectly cast as villainess harlot Lana. 

The gangster’s moll sets the bar for the show’s many musical numbers with her smooth and sultry voice, which compliments the show’s musical score from the live orchestra.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan, a Strictly enthusiast, or even just there to see Vincent and Flavia’s winning ‘Rears of the Year’, you’ll find it hard not to leave the theatre trying to dance the Charleston.

Image courtesy of BBCWorldWide, via Youtube, with thanks