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Wigan couple who use allotment to feed those in need enlist help of supermarket to combat Christmas chill

Wigan couple who use allotment to feed those in need enlist help of supermarket to combat Christmas chill

By Megan Bramall

A Wigan couple who use their allotment to help struggling families have launched a successful Christmas appeal with the help of a local supermarket.

Pamela Jones-Brown and Eunan Jones launched ‘Grow for Giving’ this summer in an attempt to aid local families who struggle to put food on the table.

The two use their Allotment in Tyldesley to grow organic produce which is then transformed into preserves, vegetable packages and freezable meals for those in need.

But as summer passed, produce production slowed and the couple searched for ways to continue the good work.

Pamela said: “Our growing season came to an end and we knew from the number of fresh food parcels we donated and phone calls we received, that the demand was still there.

“Whether working or not, people are finding themselves in dire situations. We want people to know that we wont let anyone suffer over the Christmas period and will do everything we can to help."

Grow for Giving Christmas in partnership with Morrison’s supermarket in Tyldesley set up a trolley in the foyer of the store where staff and customers can donate food.

Morrison’s assistant Deputy Manager, Tony Holt, also presented Grow for Giving with vouchers to spend on groceries for families over the Christmas period.

Eunan Jones commented that the response to the trolley scheme has been incredible.

“We have been overwhelmed by the generosity and kindness of the staff, shoppers and volunteers, at the Tyldesley store, who have shown amazing support and understanding of the food bank project.

“Some shoppers have done more than donate food, they have shared stories, tears, laughter and hugs with the highly valued project volunteers, who have been handing out project leaflets in store.

“The kindness has stretched to being a life line for many families during difficult times.”

The idea for the Grow for Giving scheme emerged when Pamela, who worked as a Wigan council social worker for many years, saw an increase in families going hungry.

She said: “I worked closely with people in the area for years, there has always been a number of single people who struggle for food but I have seen a large increase in families struggling for food in recent years.”

Since starting up, Grow for Giving has helped 52 families in need and Pamela says phone calls are coming in faster than usual since utility bills arrived on doormats last week.

Volunteers are set to deliver food to struggling families on Sunday and Monday to help them through the Christmas week.

The food donation point will remain in the foyer of Tyldesley’s Morrison’s store until Christmas Eve.

Those needing help to feed the family this Christmas are encouraged to contact Grow for Giving coordinators Pamela and Eunan on 0777 248 1461 or 01942 393523.

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