Updated: Saturday, 19th January 2019 @ 5:38pm

Manchester clothes shop to donate profits to children's charity Wood Street Mission after 'nail-biting' vote

Manchester clothes shop to donate profits to children's charity Wood Street Mission after 'nail-biting' vote

| By Charlie Berry

A new clothes store set to open in Manchester will donate part of its annual profits to a children's charity following a public vote.

White Stuff opened up a poll for their upcoming store, which is set to open in August, to donate at least 1% of its annual profits to either the Greater Manchester Youth Network (GMYN) or Wood Street Mission.

Wood Street Mission, who recieved 52% of votes, help children and families living in poverty in Manchester and Salford.

“As a small charity we are used to competing for funding but this was one of the most nail biting exercises I have participated in," Roseanne Sweeney, Wood Street Mission's Chief Executive told MM.

The charity aims to encourage children to engage in education and also provide living essentials such as bedding and clothing. 

Last year alone, they worked with nearly 7,000 children and 3,000 families.

"What I loved about it was our supporters got so involved in the competition. Frontline support workers, students and city businessmen alike were enthusiastic in their support," she said.

"One regular donor even rang the office to say she was going to publicise the vote at church on Sunday. It showed the broad support Wood Street has in the community.”

White Stuff has claimed they will be donating money and hosting fundraising events throughout the year to support Wood Street Mission.

GMYN works with some of the most disadvantaged young people around Manchester and actively tries to involve them in the community and broaden their horizons.

This includes children in care, young carers, disabled young people, young homeless people and many other young people facing significant barriers in their life.

“The results were very close between our two finalists, Greater Manchester Youth Network and Wood Street two very worthy causes working in the local area," White Stuff said.

“Commiserations to the GMYN, thank you for taking part, we’ll be sending you a donation of £250 to put towards your very worthwhile work.”

Image courtesy of Alwyn Ladell, with thanks.