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Review: Elf the Musical @ The Lowry, Salford

Review: Elf the Musical @ The Lowry, Salford

| By Isobel Cotogni

When Elf, the film starring Will Ferrell, was released in 2003 it quickly became a firm family Christmas favourite.

The story of Buddy, the human raised as an Elf at the North Pole, was heart-warming, charming and very funny.

Could the musical version, now showing at The Lowry, match up to a flick that is regularly voted one of the best festive movies of all time?

The answer is a resounding yes.

Written by Thomas Meehan with music by Matthew Sklar and now brought to Salford by director Morgan Young and producer Michael Rose, Elf the Musical thoroughly deserved the standing ovation it earned on the opening night.

HEART-WARMING; The musical leaves you with a fuzzy feeling

Ben Forster plays Buddy and is in turns hilarious, mischievous, annoying and touching as the man who doesn't belong anywhere and whose dearest wish is to receive the love of the father who is definitely on Santa's 'naughty list'.

His vocals are strong and he imbues the role with such joie de vivre, it is truly infectious. Backed by an extremely talented cast, including Joe McGann, Jessica Martin, Liz McClarnon and Louis Emerick, the ensemble achieves an affecting chemistry.

There are moments when Elf fans allow themselves a knowing nod, joining in with phrases such as 'Cotton-headed ninny muggins' and 'Santa, I KNOW him' while cheering the conductor appearing as the Narwhal.

SEASONSAL: There are few things more festive than Elf

The live orchestra are superb and the choreography, spectacular. The sets bring the whole story to life and the final scenes where Santa's sleigh seems to fly out to the audience accompanied by snowflakes falling from the sky truly does warm the heart.

This musical works as it addresses themes of loss, love and the need for belonging that are universal and always more so at this time of year. Combined with a fantastic cast, setting and humour, it really is an ideal Christmas treat.

Hands sore from applauding, everyone left the theatre smiling. If you want a magical evening of pure Christmas fun, do yoursELF a favour and get down to The Lowry.

Elf the Musical is playing at The Lowry until Sunday, January 14. You can buy tickets HERE.