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Manchester’s ‘Kingsize’ curry house makes small screen debut in Big Kitchens TV show

A Manchester restaurant is set to be featured in a new lifestyle series that focuses on the logistics behind some of the world’s most extreme restaurants.

Cameras will go behind the scenes at the Royal Nawaab Asian Buffet in Levenshulme, for the Travel Channel’s ‘Big Kitchens’ – a 13-part series that pans a selection of famous kitchen operations from Brooklyn’s Cheesecake Factory to Emirates Airline.

Handpicked by programme makers for its northern popularity, Asad Malik, owner of the Royal Nawaab was ‘surprised but delighted’ to be featured in the 30-minute episode.

He said: “I’m incredibly happy that the Royal Nawaab was chosen because it’s not every day that you’re asked to be part of something that will be broadcast all over the world.

“The fact that we’ve been recognised as one of the largest Indian and Pakistani restaurants in the UK is a great achievement not just for myself, but for the whole community.

“Our staff work very hard to make sure all of our customers are happy customers and hopefully this will come across clearly on the programme.”

Big Kitchens debuted in the UK on August 30 but the series will be broadcast internationally across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Australia, the US and Canada.

Carlo Massarella, Executive Producer for Windfall Films, the production company behind the show, said: “This series will offer unprecedented insight into the epic scale of the world’s biggest food operations and satisfy viewers’ hunger for engaging and entertaining documentary programming.

“We honed in on the dynamic characters at the helm of each business – people with inspiring drive and ambition that gives each episode a human hook.”

‘Kingsize Curry House’ this Sunday at 8pm.

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