Trans community offered free makeovers and changing rooms for Manchester Pride

Trans men and women are being offered free makeovers and even changing rooms over the Manchester Pride Big Weekend thanks to the Lesbian and Gay Foundation.

This is the first time the service, which is being provided by Magic Hands, has been offered to revellers over the Pride celebrations.

Alongside the makeovers, the LGF will also be providing both a changing room and a makeup room for people to come in, get ready, or just freshen up.

Kathy Mcguirk , Pride in Practice Manager at the LGF,  told MM: “Through conversations wed had with a number of trans people and they said they appreciate having somewhere to change, some info and the makeovers were just a lovely freebie we’ve been able to sort out.

“We will also have a wall where people can put up names of organisation or groups where they’ve had a really great response and good service.  I get a lot of calls on the helpline asking about trans friendly gyms and places where trans women can get waxed so this will create list of Trans inclusive services.”

The make overs are available from 12pm to 4pm on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and the Monday, and the changing area is available from 11am – 7:30 Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

For make overs on the Friday are by appointment only which can be made by calling the number below.

Working in association with Transforum, the LGF are offering the trans community a safe, non-judgemental space to prepare for their time within the Pride site.

Kathy said: “We have loads of information, and there is also is a scheme where people can replace their binders free of charge.”

“We are hoping that having this hub over Pride will be a great way to promote all of the trans group and let the community know about what is going on here in Manchester on a regular basis.”

Earlier this month the LGF announced that will now become a trans inclusive charity.

The step forward came following 18 months of discussions, meetings and consultations with representatives of the city’s trans community.

Chief Executive for the foundation, Paul Martin OBE, said: “There is a real sense that trans people here in Greater Manchester have a number of needs that existing services are really struggling to meet.

“There is also a strong sense of community confidence emerging, and a recognition and acknowledgement that trans people need to be treated better and differently than they are currently.

He added: “The LGF is very keen to support trans groups to develop more tangible and comprehensive services for trans people, run by Trans people here in Greater Manchester.”

To find out more information visit or call 07914709907.

Image courtesy of Denver William via YouTube, with thanks.

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