Need make-up inspo? Look no further than these Tik-Tok trends…

Need make-up inspiration? Look no further than TikTok, the social video app has been downloaded over two billion times and has made waves in viral beauty trends. 

The app’s users, mostly the younger generation aged 14 to 24, have taken the beauty industry by storm, influencing new trends, signing major brand deals, and revolutionising the way Gen Z approaches personal appearance. 

To save you from being sucked into the TikTok whirlpool of content, here are five looks that are currently dominating the beauty world. 

1. Euphoria Make-Up 

This trend channels the bold looks seen in HBO’s teen series Euphoria, which fans are currently awaiting a second season.

Each video begins with someone bare-faced before a dramatic transition into shimmery make-up and dark lighting to capture the glam of the show. 

2. #ManchesterGirl Make-Up 

Special shout-out to all the Manchester girls for this one. The hashtag has over seventy million views on the app and is not for those who are easily offended.

The TikTok sees someone pile on foundation and heavy contour to make a joke about make-up preferences in the city. 

3. Cottagecore Aesthetic 

This trend is all about a beauty regime focused around dewy skin, glossy lips, and naturally rouged cheeks.

Take pics with your highlighter gleaming in the sunlight to create a romanticised notion of wholesome country living that clearly rings of escapism from 2020 woes.  

4. Y2K 

The year 2000 is back with a bang. Iconic Juicy Couture tracksuits, tote handbags and flip-phones are all the rage again and looks are achieved with fun hair clips, coloured eyeshadow, and low-rise jeans. 

5. 70s/80s hairstyles 

Nostalgia is also the theme when it comes to hair. ABBA-inspired hacks have gone viral with TikTokers creating tutorials on how to achieve bouncy waves with fabric curlers.

The mullet hairstyle has also made a comeback – the typically masculine hairstyle is a fun DIY expressive style made popular by all genders during lockdown. 

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