Comment: Is there more than meets the eye to COVID-19?

Spreading like wildfire, COVID-19 has replicated itself around the world, causing widespread death, disruption and panic not seen since the two World Wars.

It’s cancelled just about everything (even the 2021 Olympics is said to be at the mercy of scientific equivocation!) and landed our Prime Minister in intensive care.

The damage to the economy could be equally critical, but why has this virus been allowed to go viral? And how will the world change after this dastardly disease has finished its deadly domination? If we trace it back to its (disputed) source in the Huanan seafood markets in the Chinese city of Wuhan, there’s definitely something fishy going on here…

For all the commotion and chaos the world over, there could well be prying eyes watching and plotting for what is their golden opportunity.

As The New Statesman’s John Gray anticipates: “The virus has provided a rationale for expanding the surveillance state and introducing even stronger political control.”

If you watched the BBC series China: A new world order recently, you’ll see what a frightening Orwellian state China have become, no wonder the people of Hong Kong have protested so vehemently for their human rights.

But as the EU abandoned them, China stepped in to help Italy, providing them with medical supplies. But are China really their knights in shining armour? If you look at their record, it’s plausible that this isn’t entirely altruistic.

Having lent money to Bangladesh, Pakistan, Burma and Sri Lanka in exchange for access to ports and infrastructure, the Chinese administration have been securing themselves a route through the Bay of Bengal into the South China Sea, giving them new trade and naval powers.

China’s creeping arm of influence has also been extending itself into cyberspace with technology such as Huawei…

But this leads me onto a conspiracy which is bigger than just China. On March 18, international technology mogul Bill Gates proposed rolling out a digital certificate to identify who’s been vaccinated from COVID-19.

Justified as a tool to keep track of refugees and to access services, this idea has been in the pipeline for some time, in the form of ‘ID 2020’, a programme which has been endorsed by the United Nations.

In 2018, the powers behind ID 2020 agreed that vaccines are an opportunity for the project to inaugurate itself, with the release of a report entitled ‘Immunisation: An entry point for digital identity’.

Gates is notably a donor to Imperial College (who produced the report which sent us into lockdown) and he ominously predicted that terrorists could unleash a biological disease on the world, which would be more fatal than a nuclear bomb back in 2017.

What’s more, in the last month it’s been announced that Gates has backed a network of 500 satellites by tech firm EarthNow, which will provide live global surveillance.

It shouldn’t be forgotten that this pandemic is turning us into an almost cashless society, potentially justifying the eradication of it. Big businesses will likely survive at the expense of independent enterprise and will have more even more control over our lives too…

Again, you could argue that this could bring positives, crime detection being one of them. But what if this all this information about us reached the wrong hands? And was the process of COVID-19 spreading round the world so ubiquitously so cunning rather than careless?


Usually, I find conspiracy theories are a bit of fun, (and I don’t believe this rubbish that 5G Phone-masts are causing the virus for a minute!) but there seems to be a rather a few too many uncomfortable correlations here.

I thought that the 1981 book The Eyes of Darkness – predicting a world-threatening virus from Wuhan – was just a coincidence until I saw that the front cover had a picture of a singular eye on it.

The one-eye sign has a long history relating to power and control, with its presence also on George Orwell’s 1984, as well as The Great Seal of the United States, an official coat of arms used to endorse US Government documents.

If you look at influential figures in popular culture, you’ll notice that this expression is too widespread to consider that something insidious isn’t going on.

From Greta Thunberg or Taylor Swift on the front of magazines, Lady Gaga’s social media post, photo-shoots from the likes of Sir Paul McCartney, Rihanna, Christina Aguilera and Rita Ora, Katy Perry’s music video, Deli Alli’s goal celebrations, The Black Eyed Peas tour poster, it’s almost as if there’s an order which celebrities are keen to make known they are complicit with.

One of the most flagrant is Madonna, who, when guest-performing at last year’s Eurovision Song Contest Final (to an audience of 300 million people!) sang: “Not everyone can come into the future, not everyone that’s here is gonna last.”

She was wearing a patch covering one eye.

Behind her performance, an image of the Statue of Liberty, a symbol of civil freedom, decimated in the background as she blew a ‘wind of death’, ‘killing’ masked figures on stage.

A lot has been made about proximity of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which is little over 10 miles away from the wet markets, experiments with toxic samples.

I’m not sure I’d go quite as far as Donald Trump, who has asserted in the last week that he has a ‘high degree of confidence’ in the link, but when you look at this alongside the fact that Bill Gates staged a rehearsal of a deadly pandemic just before the onset of the Coronavirus in October 2019, it does appear to make the protein spikes of the puzzle that bit more menacing …

Nothing has taken away our freedoms and caused panic on this scale for a lifetime. As the Spectator’s James Forsyth writes: “It would be impossible to enforce a lockdown on a British public that didn’t want one.”

I find it frightening the amount of people who seem to want us to become like France, where they have to be armed with a timed digital form just to step outside their front doors.

Sending drones after walkers in the Peak District or dobbing in your neighbours for going for walking the dog twice in a day just shows how easily it is for people to be coerced into something radical when they’re desperate.

In fact, there’s been so many grassers that the National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) has had to urge the public to “exercise common sense and only report well-meaning concerns”!

Perhaps then, if there is something in this being part of a deliberate and clandestine underground plot to take away our freedoms, then worldwide lockdowns could be an experiment to see how readily we yield to it.

Of course it’s important to listen and to some degree, co-operate with international advice relating to COVID-19. But, just like we all should be doing for the time being now, I think we need to keep a careful distance…

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