Freelancer frenzy: The best remote jobs in Manchester

The rise of so-called “remote working” in the UK, wherein employees have no physical office they report to and can work from anywhere they want, is well-documented.

Recent studies have shown that as much as half of the UK population may be classed as remote worked by 2020, while Manchester regularly gets billed as one of the most “freelancer-friendly” cities in the entire country.

Given that most remotely performed jobs are in tech or similar skilled roles, Manchester will naturally feel the effects of this shift more than most other cities.

If the predictions are true, you could very soon be saying goodbye to your stuffy office for good and working remotely from wherever you want.

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Here are some of the most interesting and well-paying remote roles you could get into. 

App developer

This is one of the more highly skilled remote jobs out there, but it is also one of the best paid. Remote iOS app developers, for instance, typically earn around £40,000 in the UK, but this can be much higher depending on experience.

The app market is, naturally, growing at a rapid pace, therefore the demand for flexible developers in tech-centric cities like Manchester will remain high. 

Customer service support

Many major companies now choose to outsource their customer support to remote workers. As long as you have a computer and a phone, you can earn a good living, with Manchester-based retailers like BooHoo offering generous rates for remote customer service reps.

Those with a background in retail who would prefer to trade in the shop floor for a home office should apply for this one. 

Live casino dealer

This one definitely wins points for quirkiness. When you think of blackjack and poker dealers, you think of people dressed up and working in the big land-based casinos in the city centre.

However, thanks to live-streaming technology, you can now be a dealer for an online casino from one of their purpose-built studios, which exist all over the world.

If you would like to experience playing at an online casino before changing career, Videoslots have a huge range of games and they offer a welcome bonus too. 

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Product designer 

If you’re a truly creative mind with a passion for brands, then becoming a product designer may be one of the most rewarding remote jobs you can think of.

Many major brands pay freelance designers to mock-up their goods, labels, and ad campaigns, something which can be done from anywhere.

Popular Manchester co-working spaces such as Ziferblat are often chock-full of product designers creating designs for some of the biggest brands on Earth. 


If you’re clever enough to have more than one language under your belt, then you should consider monetising your skills as a freelance translator.

Given the globalised nature of the market, companies place a huge premium on skilled translators who can meet deadlines and provide clear translations for international campaigns.

Remote translators tend to start on around £21,000 per year, but this can easily double once you have a few years of experience. 

Remote working is the future of work. Whether you see yourself as a suave blackjack dealer or a creative designer, these are the roles which will be in high demand for years to come. 

Image courtesy of Michael Coghlan via Flickr, with thanks.

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