‘Running in the winter is hugely enjoyable’: Top 10 tips for running in the cold

Exercising through the winter is never easy, which is why Christina Macdonald, editor-at-large of Women’s Running, has offered her top ten tips for running in the colder months.

This is ahead of the Cancer Research UK Winter Run Series, which comes to Manchester on Sunday February 28 and takes place around the Etihad Stadium.

Christina, who is also author of the forthcoming book Run Yourself Fit, believes running in the winter can be greatly gratifying and pleasurable.

“Running outside is a great way to escape stuffy central heating indoors,” she said.

“Running in the winter is hugely enjoyable; the fresh air is invigorating and the scenery during the winter months can be beautiful.

“While it may feel like a struggle to ditch the sofa at first, once you’re outside and you’ve got into a steady rhythm, you’ll be so glad you made the effort to get out and run.”

As an expert in running and exercise, Christina provided MM with her top 10 tips for running in the winter:

1. Make sure you warm up properly first – Start your run by walking at moderate pace and gently increase the pace to a brisk walk and then a jog over a five-minute period before you to begin to run.
2. Be clever with your clothing and layer up – Wear layers that keep you warm when you first start that can be easily tied around your waist when you get hot.
3. Invest in technical fabrics that provide warmth and protection, wear a beanie, and find a decent pair of running gloves to keep your fingers warm.
4. Wear a high visibility jacket and bottoms to make sure you can be seen by traffic and pedestrians on dark mornings and nights.
5. Make sure you can see – If you’re running in dimly lit areas, consider running with a head torch so that you can see any potholes that you’ll need to avoid.
6. Run with a friend or partner – This will help keep you safe when running in dark conditions.
7. Wear the right shoes – Make sure you have suitable running shoes with adequate cushioning.
8. Hit the treadmill – If you don’t like running in the dark, find a gym and hit the treadmill. If it’s very icy outside you run the risk of falling over and getting injured.
9. Stay hydrated – Even though it’s cold you will still need to sip water to make sure you stay hydrated.
10. Stay warm on race day – Take a bin liner or an old fleece with you that you can discard at the start line. Be sure to take part in the pre-race warm-up too.

The Winter Run Series will be taking place in Liverpool on Sunday January 17, in London on Sunday January 31 and in Manchester on Sunday February 28.

Visit for registration and more information.

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