Wembley-bound Mancunian mini American footballers gain ‘EdStart’ on tackling obesity

Greater Manchester primary school kids will make up nearly 100 of the 90,000 sold out NFL Wembley crowd this Sunday, courtesy of the partnership between the Jacksonville Jaguars and EdStart.

EdStart are a Manchester-based sports coach firm that support schools with their full physical education programme and after-school clubs.

The innovative approach employed by EdStart is to develop not only the skills of the children but also teach them how important it is to participate in exercise and healthy living.

One such initiative is ‘JagTag’ and the kids who have shown enthusiasm and been active participants are being rewarded with a dream trip to see a live NFL game between the Jaguars and Philadelphia Eagles.

Chris Irwin, CEO of EdStart, comments: “It’s great to be able to offer an experience of this magnitude to young children who have shown a genuine interest in a new sports initiative rolled out in their school.

“The opportunity to go to Wembley Stadium to see the Jaguars in action, after having learned the basic fundamentals of the JagTag programme, will be invaluable to these kids and will hopefully only serve to further their interest in participation in American football in the future.”

JagTag is a way to introduce the kids to American football but without the aspect of being hit. Instead, the young players are given two flags which they clip on to both sides of a belt and once either of their flags has been removed the tackle has been made.

As always, the kids from Manchester, Bury, Salford and Rochdale will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions and learn as they will be supervised by one coach per four children.

An incredible opportunity to cement a life-long love of American football awaits and most importantly, the chance to continue their journey towards healthy living.

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