Comment: Is there more than meets the eye to COVID-19?

Coronavirus’ damage to the economy could be equally critical, but why has this virus been allowed to go viral? And how will the world change after this dastardly disease has finished its deadly domination? If we trace it back to its (disputed) source in the Huanan seafood markets in the Chinese city of Wuhan, there’s definitely something fishy going on here…

Review: Normal People

Sally Rooney is the literary darling of the moment. For many, her novels, Conversations with Friends and Normal People, capture the voice of a generation, and have earned her a place in the millennial zeitgeist.

Performance in a pandemic: How will theatre survive the lockdown?

The numerous restrictions brought about by the coronavirus pandemic have unfortunately put a halt to many social aspects of our lives. But the Royal Shakespeare Company and the National Theatre were determined to continue entertaining the nation by broadcasting ‘live’ productions on television.

Comment: I’ve got 99 problems and now The Hundred adds one

The sun has set on an extraordinary summer for English cricket. However, with the recently-proposed Hundred competition – the ECB’s answer to glitzy T20 tournaments like the Indian Premier League and Australia’s Big Bash – the move away from county cricket has the potential to alienate masses of loyal cricket fans.