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'Upfront and no nonsense': Comedian Kielty talks North West humour and Man Utd

'Upfront and no nonsense': Comedian Kielty talks North West humour and Man Utd

| By Ellie Caddick

Comedian Patrick Kielty talks to MM about his new tour Help – including 'adopting a donkey' – plus his love for Manchester United and wife Cat Deeley ahead of his show at The Lowry tomorrow night.

Kielty’s Help show went down a storm in a seven-day streak at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and now rolls into Manchester as part of a UK-wide tour – bizarrely the United fan's first ever visit to the city.

The Live at the Apollo star, 44, is attempting to write a modern rulebook for love, life and happiness based on his audience’s advice which he said is keeping him on his toes.

He told MM: “I set out with this idea that everyone needs help. I’m at an age now travelling back and forth to America and I thought, ‘am I going to end up on some shrink's sofa telling them all my problems?’

"But I thought, ‘stick some tickets on sale and tell a room full of strangers instead!'

“After most comedy gigs people can go online to see what they are saying about the show but people tell me stuff while I’m still on stage: it’s a great mix between Twitter and heckling.”

The Irish funnyman says that he’s enjoying the unusual format and has received some interesting advice.

“Sometimes you get halfway through a tour and you’re slightly bored because you’re doing the same show every night.

"But because at the end of each show the audience chips in and they give me advice, no two shows are the same.

“There’s quite a lot of personal stuff in the show and I talk about getting to a certain point in your life, happiness, hanging on to it, and how easy it is for things to fall apart so I did expect some heartfelt advice.

“I’ve learnt absolutely nothing from the audience so far however it’s been very funny and very, very random.

“Most of it has been far from heartfelt, anything from someone trying to sell me a Reliant Robin to persuading me to adopt a donkey.

“The best bit of advice I’ve had is ‘never take a sleeping tablet and a laxative on the same night.’”

Kielty is looking forward to spending a few days in Manchester but is disappointed to be missing his beloved team's mid-week League Cup match.

“It’s a terrible bit of timing because this is the first time I’ve ever been in Manchester, United are playing and I can’t be there! So I might be looking into the wings to check the score!

“This is the week I’ve been looking forward to because I’ve got a little residency in Manchester because I’m hosting Radio 2’s BBC New Comedy Awards semi-final on Tuesday and then a couple of gigs.

“There is something about the North West's sense of humour.

“It’s very upfront, no-nonsense, and I’m expecting the standard of advice to be as good if not better than anywhere else in the country.”

Kielty's show talks about his life, including his marriage to TV star Cat Deeley. The Irishman can now relax after a nervy Sunday night, when his mother-in-law saw his Birmingham show.

“Cat saw the show in Ireland and it’s always nerve-racking whenever your family come to see the show because you work on stuff for so long and you don’t really want anyone to see it before it's finished.

“My Manchester gig will feel very chilled!”

The celeb couple, who got married in Rome in 2012, announced last month that they are expecting their first child in the spring and Kielty said he’s enjoying his sleep while he can.

“Normally when you’re on tour you’re knackered by the travelling and the late nights.

"But for the first time I’ve done a tour when I know it’s nothing compared to what is to come next year!

“I know the having six or seven hours sleep is only a novelty and it’ll all change in the spring!”

Tickets to Patrick Kielty’s Help tour at The Lowry are still available here.

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