From the jaws of the Leviathan: The art of scrimshaw

In a photo of the Oval Office, President John F. Kennedy sits behind the desk on the phone frowning. A navy man, he carried his love of all things nautical with him throughout his life. On the desk are displayed several carved sperm whale teeth, known as scrimshaw.

Feline fine? How the country’s favourite cat cafés are coping with coronavirus

Cat cafés, which act as the home to furry felines and welcome visitors to come and joyfully interact with them, have had to adapt quickly under the lockdown. Three such cafés across the country share with MM how they are enduring the most challenging hurdle businesses have had to face in recent times – and just how their residents are feeling about it all.

Through their eyes: What’s the future of arts venues?

For those working on the frontlines of the entertainment industry, the COVID-19 pandemic has meant no work and furloughed pay. The closure of these venues looks longer than originally thought, with the government now suggesting that bars, theatres, and other venues may not open fully for more months. This begs the question: what will the future of arts venues, and those who rely on them, look like?