Review: The Lighthouse – Cannes First Look Review

Robert Eggers’s sophomore effort follows two 19th century lighthouse keepers gradual descent towards madness at their isolated outpost in an ethereal trip through the annals of sailor myth and folklore.

Review: Women, Organise! @ HOME

As part of the year-long programme Celebrating Women in Global Cinema, HOME ran a season this May focusing on women’s activism and involvement in trade unionism: Women, Organise!

Preview: Women, Organise! @ HOME

It has to be said, it’s been a great few months for women on screen since THAT Game of Thrones episode, Fleabag, Derry Girls, Killing Eve, Back to Life – if you’ve not seen it, add it to the list.

Review: The Old Man & the Gun

Director David Lowery’s last film A Ghost Story (2017) showed the torment of death, so it’s fitting that his follow-up The Old Man & the Gun celebrates the joy of life – whether that is found robbing a bank or being on the tale of a criminal.

The five best LGBT films on Netflix now

It used to be hard to find a good LGBT film to while away an hour or so. A lot of low budget indie productions, some mainstream movies, and the occasional series did float around, but hardly ever made it onto our tellies.