Through their eyes: What’s the future of arts venues?

For those working on the frontlines of the entertainment industry, the COVID-19 pandemic has meant no work and furloughed pay. The closure of these venues looks longer than originally thought, with the government now suggesting that bars, theatres, and other venues may not open fully for more months. This begs the question: what will the future of arts venues, and those who rely on them, look like?

Remembering LS Lowry… the Salford artist lives on 44 years after his death

Laurence Stephen Lowry is one of Manchester’s most famous artists and his work is becoming more appreciated as times goes by – indeed a newly-discovered painting of his, ‘The Mill, Pendlebury’ recently sold for £2.65m to a private collector, a timely reminder how relevant he is 44 years after his death.

Review: Will Self @ The Lowry

English author, journalist and commentator Will Self took to the stage at The Lowry theatre last weekend to discuss his memoir, Will.