Review: A Taste of Honey @ The Lowry, Salford

The National Theatre’s production of A Taste of Honey may have begun its UK tour at The Lowry Theatre in Salford, but the Salford it represents is a world away from the glitz and glamour of Media City.

Review: Much Ado About Nothing @ The Lowry, Salford

World War Two is over, and the soldiers have finally come home. In this colourful, spirited rendition of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, romantic shenanigans provide a welcome relief for the battle-weary characters and delight the audience.

Review: Educating Rita @ The Lowry, Salford

When a gobby hairdresser, Rita, enrols on an open university course and is assigned to an initially less than willing tutor, Frank, the pair are clueless as to the lessons they are destined to teach each other.

Review: Home, I’m Darling @ The Lowry, Salford

Petticoats, pastel-coloured kitchens and Mr Sandman on the radio; from the opening scene, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Laura Wade’s newest play was set in America’s swinging 1950s. You would, however, be wrong.

Review: Pepperland @ The Lowry, Salford

“We hope you have enjoyed the show”, musician Clinton Curtis sung to all those present at The Lowry on Friday, concluding this innovative take on one of The Beatles’ masterpieces with a homage to the timeless title track on Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Review: Nish Kumar @ The Lowry, Salford

Self-proclaimed “remoaner” funny-man Nish Kumar unleashed an impassioned tirade of fire and fury on the people of Salford at the Lowry Theatre, the biggest audience that he has ever performed for.